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Epicurean Delights

Ben's Jr. Original Barbecue: Story of a Comeback King in Fairhope

Throughout the Scenic 98 Coastal communities, graduating high school seniors celebrate the end of their primary education and make plans for the future. It is an exciting time for all involved, but a bit of trepidation and separation anxiety is thrown in, too. Our next-door neighbor, Jake Prati, a recent St. Paul’s Episcopal School graduate, is off to Auburn in the Fall. 
Epicurean Delights

Rise Breakfast and Tacos, Spanish Fort

When we entered Rise Breakfast and Tacos on Highway 31 in Spanish Fort, we were greeted by Krystal, the owner’s sister, who brought out her magic bag of wonders and told us to pick out a treat. I couldn't imagine what it would be … it was a sticker, and then she instructed us to put it on the wall. The whole place is covered in stickers and I got a cat that was apropos because I'm a cat lover. Krystal says it's magic because everyone picks something meaningful to them. Zeb got a sexy devil superhero girl. Hmmmm.
People & Business Profiles

The Plant Fairie, Fairhope

I know a woman who rides a Softail Harley, races a 22’ Lindenberg, is the Alabama Master of Shorinji Kempo with a 4th-degree black belt and is also a fairy, a plant fairy. She is a plant fairy because she can magically grow anything: ageratum, begonia, coreopsis, and that's only the first of the plant alphabet. Terri Loftin is her name, and is one of the hardest-working, toughest girls I know. I have the privilege of seeing her in action at her nursery in Fairhope, where I sometimes work for her. 
Dive Bars & Music

Live at Five and Red Clay Strays at Halstead Amphitheater, Fairhope

Our dear friend, writer, editor, and former dance studio owner, Gina Lanaux, epitomizes the creative energy that resonates throughout Fairhope’s history. Like many others who chose to make Fairhope their home, she embraces the arts, the unusual personalities, and the free-flowing lifestyle that brings a community together. 
Community Endeavors

Behind the Scenes with WKRG, News 5, at Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival

The 72nd Annual Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival took place this past weekend, and the exclusive broadcast partner was the news and weather team from WKRG News 5. On Friday, I was invited to tag along to watch a full day of festival reporting. By all measures, it was a fun-filled experience!
People & Business Profiles

The Plant Shoppe, Ashleigh McKenzie, Fairhope

I think we all know what it feels like to be stressed out from your big important job, and one day yell out, “ I just want to work in a plant shop!” Ashleigh McKenzie was just like Samantha Stevens in Bewitched when she wiggled her nose and nodded her head and ”Poof,” she now works in a plant shop! ‍
Events That Inspire

Top 5 March Events to Watch

The beginning of March signals spring is on the horizon and kicks off “festival season.” The Scenic 98 Coastal area has tons of outdoor events coming up this month which will offer a variety of art, shopping, music, food, and entertainment options. Many of these events are free to the public and benefit vital community organizations.
Artsy Side Of Life

Elisabeth Hays, Artist, Interior Designer, Fairhope

Some people are lucky to have been born with creative genes. How creativity manifests itself can take many tracks, often depending on a person’s environment. In the case of ultra-talented Fairhope resident Elisabeth Hays, it was the free reign she was given as a child to do whatever she wanted to do in her art room, the finished attic of their home.