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Epicurean Delights

Stagecoach Café, Stockton, Alabama

If you head up to Diana Rell Dean’s art show, Threads, this weekend, you might want to stop by the Stagecoach Café in Stockton, especially if you are hungry. The Stagecoach Café has been a staple in the area for years and serves a meat and three-style country buffet seven days a week.
People & Business Profiles

Hazel’s Market, Daphne, Alabama

I love farmer's markets. They read like a seasonal calendar, which they are in a fresh food kind of way. A good farmer’s market begins to burst with color this time of year. I caught up with Darrell Lundy, who with his wife, Sandra, and his 24-year-old twin boys, Ethan and Isaac, and their two sisters, Emma, 20, and Clair, 18 own and operate the family business, Hazel’s Market in Daphne.

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