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People & Business Profiles

Riverbend, East Bay Engraving, Morgan and Warren Slay, Fairhope

I love to meet people who grew up on the Eastern Shore. It’s fun to compare experiences and talk about the old days. This is not to say progress hasn’t been a good thing, it’s just different. 
Artsy Side Of Life

Shelley Leigh, Artist Extraordinaire, Montrose, AL

“I have lived on the buffs of Montrose for 40 years, and it is my inspiration to make things that reflect the geological wonder of where we live.” - Shelley Leigh
Water Side of Scenic 98

A Trip on the Blackwater River

The search for a cheap, easy weekend getaway in early June led me to the Blackwater River State Park and an overnight canoe trip with a friend who regularly visits. After a hectic work week, quickly throwing camping/fishing gear in the car, and hitting the road without even Googling the Blackwater River, what awaited me was far different than what I had expected.
Epicurean Delights

Reminiscing with Daneen Buck, Char 32 Restaurant & Bar, Point Clear, Alabama

Daneen Buck is a staple around these parts. Born and raised in Fairhope, she and her family have been immersed in some kind of restaurant or food business all their lives. Her father was a meat salesman for Armour Meats and sold to many of the local restaurants in the Baldwin County area. Daneen’s parents were comfortable in the kitchen and passed the love of cooking, creating, and entertaining on to their kids.
Community Endeavors

National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico, Karen Poth, Mobile

Much like the legend of the immortal Phoenix's powers to regenerate by bursting into flames just as it reaches the end of its life and then rising from its ashes toward the sun, the GulfQuest Maritime Museum has risen to become the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico.
Events That Inspire

Top Five Events in July!

The month of July always kicks off in high gear with Independence Day celebrations across the country. Communities and venues throughout the Scenic 98 Coastal area are hosting events to commemorate the holiday, so be sure to check out the Tidbits & Best Bets section at the end of the newsletter for all of this weekend’s events.
Artsy Side Of Life

Happy Summer Reading!

‍My husband is an avid reader, usually reading several books at once. When he meets a new person he always asks “What are you reading?” because it gives him an idea about his or her interests. I’ve heard young mothers say Clifford the Big Red Dog and others say The Bible but with the plethora of book club members and other bibliophiles in the Scenic 98 Coastal area, a new favorite book is always part of the conversation.
People & Business Profiles

Chris Nelson, Bon Secour Fisheries, Bon Secour, Alabama

The small community of Bon Secour has seen generational changes throughout its history, especially regarding the rich bounty of seafood harvested, processed, and shipped to restaurants and consumers, first locally, then regionally, and now nationally.
Dive Bars & Music

Our Own 'Rolling Stone': Musician Cuz Covington

You never know who you’ll run into along the Alabama coast—maybe even a member of the Rolling Stones.