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Community Endeavors

Ecumenical Ministries, Inc., Baldwin County, AL

At this time of Thanksgiving, we encourage you to remember the organizations in the Scenic 98 Coastal communities that are making a difference and serve as the glue that holds our towns and neighborhoods together.
People & Business Profiles

Ahi Seafood, More Than a Seafood Market, Fairhope

Don Rhodes, owner of Ahi Seafood Market in Fairhope, is more than a purveyor of fresh seafood. He is a seller of all things his customers want. Literally. That drives his business, making sure his customers get exactly what they desire, not just seafood. “I’ve been slowly building a specialty market based on my customer’s request. It’s also an education of sorts,” he says.
Epicurean Delights

Birmingham’s Food Scene gets Better and Better

Linda and I had the pleasure of a quick, mid-week trip to Birmingham to see Bonnie Raitt in concert last Wednesday. We had early dinner reservations at Automatic Seafood and Oysters before heading to the Birmingham Civic Center Theater for the show.
Events That Inspire

The Hope Farm Revisited

Robert Burns wrote, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” When that happens it's best to be nimble and quick on your feet. That scenario was repeated often when Covid hit. The rules changed, especially in the restaurant industry.
Artsy Side Of Life

Fairhope Film Festival Review

Last weekend, The 10th annual Fairhope Film Festival was held in Fairhope. I worked as a volunteer for the event for the first 4 or 5 years and still feel connected to it. Walking to venues throughout the town with stops for drinks and meals in between showings is my version of a perfect weekend! 4 Days, 40 films, is the tagline of the festival, so it's often hard to choose what to screen. I opted for six movies, four that I loved and two not so much…. I also attended the Red Carpet Party Saturday night which is always fun.
People & Business Profiles

Pop & Pour Party Company

Do you need elevated, one-of-a-kind decorations for an event, a private party, a wedding, a birthday, a bridal, or a baby shower? Do you hope to find special gifts? Maybe you’re searching for unique table decor, eye-catching balloons, delightful party favors, all the accessories… Pop & Pour Party Company is your one-stop shop for an all-things party supplies extravaganza.
Dive Bars & Music

Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola

We love what’s going on in entertainment districts along the Scenic 98 Coastal area. Revitalization among downtown areas in Mobile and Pensacola is attracting excellent new food offerings, bars, shops, and music venues making life along the Gulf Coast better and better each year. One venue we notice each week is Vinyl Music Hall, so we dug a little deeper…
Epicurean Delights

Tamara’s Downtown, Fairhope

Tamara Wintzell has been a staple in the Fairhope restaurant industry for over four decades. Think about that. From experience, I can tell you that 40 years ago, Fairhope’s restaurant offerings were sparse, to say the least. And yet Tamara has started, sold, and started again more establishments than you can shake a stick at. She’s an institution unto herself!
People & Business Profiles

Driving Daisies, Michelle Braly

I recently met Michelle with her mother-in-law and son at Page & Palette during the Fairhope Witch’s Ride. Her mother, who doesn't drive, was thrilled to be out and about. “I feel like this is my calling, my ministry,” says Michelle. One day, she was on the way to the beach with a friend when her friend suggested that she take seniors on day trips. Michelle liked the idea and in September of this year, she started Driving Daisies.