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Community Endeavors

Fostering Entrepreneurs, The Innovation Portal, Todd Greer, Mobile

Scenic 98 Coastal enjoys supporting small businesses and telling their stories. Small business owners bring unique aspects to the area and enrich the community with positive direction. Every small business has to start somewhere; often, a good idea comes to fruition in an incubator program.
People & Business Profiles

Refine Rehab, Tyler Vaughn, Mobile, Daphne

In modern medicine, getting back on your feet after orthopedic surgery means spending time before and after with a qualified physical therapist. They are crucial to recovery. The good news is we’ve come a long way with less invasive surgeries and trained specialists who work diligently to get you back to doing what you love.
Events That Inspire

Top 5 Things to Do in April

With Spring in full swing, it’s a great time to get out and enjoy all the natural beauty in the Scenic 98 Coastal area. Many festivals and other events are scheduled for April, both in our area and across the Gulf Coast region.
People & Business Profiles

Mossy Oak, The Colonel and the Fox, Neill and Daniel Haas

This is turkey season- a rite of Spring that gets the blood flowing and adrenaline pumping like no other hunting season. For turkey hunters everywhere, the story of how Mossy Oak camouflage came into being and revolutionized the sport is an important and historic milestone. 
Epicurean Delights

Las Catrinas de Rosy, Mexican Restaurant, Silverhill

After having lunch at Catrinas de Rosy in Silverhill, I had to do some serious googling. It is an authentic Mexican restaurant, and the menu had items I needed to familiarize myself with. So I started with the place’s name. Catrinas are clay skeletons, also known as Day of the Dead figures and Rosy is Rosy Gallardo, who opened the first taqueria in Baldwin County in 2020. She has three locations now, Mobile, Daphne, and Silverhill.
Water Side of Scenic 98

Dr. Sean Powers, USA's Director of Marine and Environmental Sciences, and connecting the Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Who remembers the story we did called Fish Christmas? Probably not many, I’d guess… It was early in our life as a newsletter. Ever since, I’ve wanted to catch up with Dr. Sean Powers, Director of the University of South Alabama's Stokes School of Marine & Environmental Sciences to learn more about their impact on the Scenic 98 Coastal area.
Community Endeavors

Baldwin County Youth Orchestra Sees Measure of Success with New Location

With their new and permanent location at 809 Nichols Avenue, the Baldwin County Youth Orchestra (BCYO) is tuning up for its spring concert. Planned for May 7th, this concert with its theme of “Classical Favorites” will be held at 7:00 pm at Foley Civic Center. 
Day Trippin'

Spring Break Girls Trip

Six senior sen̂oras in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, are enjoying lunch at a gorgeous rooftop restaurant, eating the freshest guacamole, sipping tequila drinks, and chatting about all the fun we are having. At the table next to us are two young gentlemen from Chicago, who are shopping for a house to buy in the area. Many Americans and Canadians have homes here and after spending some time in this colonial area in Mexico’s central highlands, I get it. ‍
Epicurean Delights

Sunday Supper at The Hope Farm

Sunday evening, Linda and I had a great time attending the Sunday Supper at The Hope Farm. Held in the Barn, the newest addition to The Hope farm’s dining options, the idea is to recreate the Southern tradition of Sunday family dinners.