About Us

The Founders

Scenic 98 Coastal is a labor of love for the area itself and the experiences my wife, Linda, and I have enjoyed throughout our entire lives. The iconic US Highway 98 that runs west to east along the Gulf of Mexico’s coastline is unique in so many ways. To say we have lived an enchanted life here is a huge understatement. It almost seems unfair at times, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Our purpose in starting a weekly newsletter about the area and all it has to offer is so others, many new to the area, can enjoy their time here and enhance all that the area we call Scenic 98 Coastal has to offer. And that’s a lot! We hope each week that our subscribers will gain a little insight and appreciation, as well as a greater understanding into what makes the coast so special.

More About Us

Scenic 98 Coastal is an audience participation-driven publication. Your subscription is free, and we will protect your privacy every step of the way. But your input is critical if we are to succeed in providing useful and entertaining content to our readers.  We will incorporate subject matter from lots of sources that we feel will have a positive impact on your experience here. If you are a native, then we hope you will share your local knowledge. If you are new to the area, we hope Scenic 98 Coastal will be a weekly feast of entertainment and knowledge.

A little about Linda and me…  we both grew up in Mobile, attended schools together and spent summers “across the bay.” We’ve never taken this area for granted but maybe we didn’t truly appreciate how special the coast of the Gulf of Mexico was until we moved away for college. Over the years, we been to many wonderful places, but this is home. We still enjoy exploring all the areas along the coast from New Orleans to Apalachicola and do so often. We want to share with others what we know and what you know, as well as what you want to know!

Thank you for reading,
Zeb & Linda Hargett