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Community Endeavors

Ecumenical Ministries, Inc., Baldwin County, AL

At this time of Thanksgiving, we encourage you to remember the organizations in the Scenic 98 Coastal communities that are making a difference and serve as the glue that holds our towns and neighborhoods together.

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People & Business Profiles

Driving Daisies, Michelle Braly

I recently met Michelle with her mother-in-law and son at Page & Palette during the Fairhope Witch‚Äôs Ride. Her mother, who doesn't drive, was thrilled to be out and about. ‚ÄúI feel like this is my calling, my ministry,‚ÄĚ says Michelle. One day, she was on the way to the beach with a friend when her friend suggested that she take seniors on day trips. Michelle liked the idea and in September of this year, she started Driving Daisies.
Epicurean Delights

Avenue Pub, Orange Beach

What brings Jessica Alford, General Manager of the Avenue Pub from Cincinnati, Ohio to Orange Beach, Alabama? Two things. First, she says that in 2015, both she and her mom had a bit of a mid-life crisis, and second, it coincided with the cold weather in Cincinnati. They moved to Pensacola and fell in love with the area.
Day Trippin'

Dining on 30-A

Last week we made a quick trip to Grayton Beach, Florida with friends. It’s an easy two-and-a-half-hour drive from Fairhope. This time of year is our favorite time to visit and two days is never enough. The weather was perfect, and the crowds were easily managed. That first night's sunset was spectacular!
People & Business Profiles

Bear Point Harbor

‚ÄúCraig Reaves can drive everything but a train,‚ÄĚ says his daughter-in-law, Lawren Reaves. As the owner of Bear Point Harbor, Craig has needed these skills on many occasions. He grew up in Columbus, Georgia, where his family owned a fourth-generation building demolition business that expanded into waste management, hazardous asbestos removal, a landfill, roll-off dumpsters, and a crane rental service. They sold most of the businesses in 2009 but kept the waste management operation until last year.
Epicurean Delights

Rae's Kitchen

You may not know that in 1955, the Dallas Cowboys selected L. G. Dupre in the third round of the NFL Draft. He was a 5' 11‚ÄĚ 190 lb. running back who played opposite Alabama‚Äôs famous linebacker Lee Roy Jordan. L. G. and Lee Roy became fast friends during their playing days and their ‚ÄúCowboy wives,‚ÄĚ Biddie and Sissy did too.
Musings From The Cove

Fairhope Famous, a Tribute to Moose

Someone once said, ‚ÄúOnce you have had a wonderful dog, life without them is a life diminished.‚ÄĚ
Dive Bars & Music

Tiki Bar, Sportsman’s Marina, Orange Beach

Exploring all the wonderful beach venues around Orange Beach with an almost 4-year-old granddaughter is a treat! Penny was visiting from Athens, Georgia. In mid-October, we set off to explore the Pleasure Island Tiki Bar next to Sportsman Marina on Canal Road and found musical treasure!
Epicurean Delights

Doc's Seafood

This is no secret discovery, just an update… The food is still excellent at Doc’s Seafood Shack in Orange Beach. On my way back to the beach last week, I was hungry and thinking about the gumbo at Doc’s, and I needed a fix.
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