Artsy Side Of Life

Pensacola’s Art Scene with Maria Goldberg

No doubt, this job has its benefits. Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to Maria V. Goldberg over lunch at the Fish House Restaurant located on Pensacola’s waterfront. Maria is the Director of Marketing, Public Relations, and Events for Great Southern Restaurants which owns the Fish House.
Events That Inspire

Adventures in Retirement: Grandchildren

Since I never had children of my own, which was likely a good thing considering what a problem child I was, I have adopted my grand nieces and nephews to fill that grandchildren position. They were one of the deciding factors that landed me in Fairhope. I have four grandchildren in Mobile and three grandchildren in Pensacola whose parents are more than willing to share with me anytime. 
Dive Bars & Music

The Ice Box, Mobile

The Ice Box in Mobile has just celebrated its third birthday by growing a little larger, a little wiser, and even more fun, if that’s possible. The brainchild of Taylor Atchison and Stoney Boatman, this local watering hole has been a surprise waiting to happen ever since it opened its doors in February 2020. And it’s not over yet! More surprises are cooking as we speak.
Epicurean Delights

Stagecoach Café, Stockton, Alabama

If you head up to Diana Rell Dean’s art show, Threads, this weekend, you might want to stop by the Stagecoach Café in Stockton, especially if you are hungry. The Stagecoach Café has been a staple in the area for years and serves a meat and three-style country buffet seven days a week.
People & Business Profiles

Hazel’s Market, Daphne, Alabama

I love farmer's markets. They read like a seasonal calendar, which they are in a fresh food kind of way. A good farmer’s market begins to burst with color this time of year. I caught up with Darrell Lundy, who with his wife, Sandra, and his 24-year-old twin boys, Ethan and Isaac, and their two sisters, Emma, 20, and Clair, 18 own and operate the family business, Hazel’s Market in Daphne.
People & Business Profiles

Frank & Company Jewelers, Orange Beach

Five years ago, Jack and Bevelyn Wallace teamed up with Frank Trainor to create Frank & Company Jewelers in Orange Beach. They recently opened a second store at The Wharf. Their story is one of hard work, customer service, and a loyal following of clients from all over the Southeast.
Events That Inspire

Lily Hall and Brother Fox

Lily Hall Lodging House and Brother Fox Restaurant are the latest in Pensacola’s chic boutique hotel/restaurant scene. Located at 415 N. Alcaniz Street, the property has been beautifully and painstakingly renovated to offer a unique combination of lodging, dining, and entertaining in a historic part of Pensacola. It is truly another feather in the cap for Pensacola’s vibrant revitalization.
Epicurean Delights

Nick’s Boathouse, Pensacola

I’ve driven by it often over the years. Sandwiched on Pensacola Bay between Blue Wahoos Stadium and Joe Patti’s Seafood, the restaurant is almost out of sight behind a larger office building. Shivering on motorcycles in 50-degree weather created the perfect opportunity for a couple of us to seek warmth and nourishment overlooking the Inner Harbor.