Grilled oysters, fried oysters, raw oysters, oyster stew; I sound like Bubba Gump and his shrimp choices, yet this is what we tasted at the Annual Fort Morgan Oyster Festival, held the weekend of February 24- 25 at the Beach Club. Since festivals of every kind are held in our area, I expected long lines and crowds, but this festival was like a big private party, in a beautiful setting, with music, games, and incredible oysters!  

I was first impressed by how many volunteers were working to ensure we got where we were going and provided everything needed to have a great time. It was a gorgeous early spring-like day, and we found a picnic table on a grassy green lawn where we enjoyed endless oysters, listened to the Wes Loper Band, and people-watched. Vendors were selling arts and crafts around the periphery, and I enjoyed seeing my artist friend, Francesca Legg, with Frandomly Made, selling her beautiful jellyfish jewelry.

The oysters were provided by Navy Cove Oysters and Admiral Shellfish Company, both located on Fort Morgan and they were being shucked onsite by more volunteers. To taste the full salty flavor, these oysters need to be eaten raw and the best way, as we all know, is with a saltine cracker and horseradish cocktail sauce. So many raw oyster bars were available that lines were nonexistent, so we ate and ate and ate some more. 

With full oyster bellies, we grooved to the music and watched professional corn holers prepare for the upcoming tournament. As people watchers, it was fun spotting those who obviously played a lot and even had team shirts to elevate their status as winners. The more we watched, the more we wanted to play, but we didn’t want to make fools of ourselves. The plan is to start practicing now so that we can play with confidence next year. 

For real, we are going next year, because we love oysters and never have eaten so many at one time. February is an “R” month, meaning it's the best time to enjoy oysters, and we look forward to doing it all again! Held on the last weekend of February, the Fort Morgan Oyster Festival is a must-do event and it’s also charitable, with some of the proceeds going to the Alabama Coastal Foundation and the Fort Morgan Fire Department. Be sure to put it on your calendar of “things to do next year,” and wear your stretchy pants!

Mar 20, 2024
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