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Craig Riches' Metal Art Dazzles the Senses

Many people along the Eastern Shore know him as a top-notch drummer, but there’s a lot more to Craig Riches than meets the ear. For almost a quarter-century, his love of making music has usually taken a back seat to his main gig, creating eye-catching art that is recognized around the country.
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Fairhope's Fayland Guitars

Just the sight of an electric guitar can make someone dream of being a rock star, but it sent Chris Fayland down a different path. 
Dive Bars & Music

A Cause for Celebration: Manci's Buildings Turn 100!

There’s often a lively crowd at Manci’s Antique Club, but now they have one more reason to raise a glass and smile—and it’s a big one. The building that houses the popular bar and restaurant has reached the century mark.
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Andy MacDonald Welcomes Pickers to Iconic Guitar Shop in Stapleton

Andy MacDonald has a particular vision for his guitar shop in Stapleton, the iconic Picker’s Paradise. It should have a warm and welcoming vibe, for sure, and a strong focus on vintage instruments and traditional music.