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John A. Nielson

Water Side of Scenic 98

A Lobster Boat in Southern Waters

Sometimes, we meet people who’ll rescue us from that earthly purgatory of sameness. 
Musings From The Cove

Drunk Painters, Crazy Magnets, and the Bayou Light

The smallness of my hometown, Evergreen, Alabama, meant a lack of separation. The poor and the wealthy, the educated and the ignorant, the sane and crazy, and the sick and healthy were thrown together in a tiny, rural piece of geography.
Water Side of Scenic 98

Red Snapper and Ruthless Men

God drove Man out of the Garden of Eden and into a life of toil. He loves us, so He created the northern Gulf Coast. He brought forth wild beasts of the forest, birds of the air, and Red Snapper. In fact, there are so many fish, beasts, and birds along our coast that some men hardly toil at all.
Musings From The Cove

The Living Bra Man

My Daddy would occasionally treat us boys to Sleepy’s Barbeque in our little town of Evergreen, Alabama. Mr. Lum Parker was seated, drinking coffee, every time we went in. Mr. Lum didn’t own Sleepy’s, but he was always there. He held forth with other customers on a breadth of subjects as he was an expert on local intrigue. Mr. Lum easily transitioned to talk of hunting, fishing, religion, timber, Gunsmoke, and tire re-capping. He reserved special venom for communists. People knew not to get him started on communism.