MJ Ferraro and her husband, Chef Dominic, moved to the Scenic 98 Coastal area from Rhode Island about six months ago. I had the pleasure of attending their new business venture “Pasta and Paint” which was held at the fabulous Jubilee Suites on Mobile Bay. Pasta and Paint seem to be an unlikely pair, but the couple's intention is to create a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Chef Dominic Ferraro trained at the Rhode Island School of Design earning a culinary degree and then worked in several restaurants in New England. He was the catering director at the University of Rhode Island until 2019. He is accomplished in many cuisine types but specializes in Mediterranean fare.

Dinner was served at a lovely table in the Suite's main dining room featuring a beautiful view of Mobile Bay and we feasted upon a Caesar salad, bruschetta, and shareable plates of roasted vegetables. The presentation was artistic, and the first course was delicious. Next, we had two kinds of pasta: Farfalle with shrimp and pesto and Penne with Puttanesca. They were both served with freshly grated parmesan, and we enjoyed every bite. For dessert, a rich custard lemon-lime tart was a perfect ending to a scrumptious dinner.

With full bellies, we go upstairs to another delightful space (another view of the water) where MJ Ferraro has set up a painting studio. Each person’s place had a canvas on an easel, a palette of acrylic paint, and three brushes of various sizes. MJ guided us with patience and knowledge of the technique as we painted a water and sky scene step by step, complete with a sailboat and pier. Painting a sunset was my favorite part because the colors of pink and orange above the blues and greens of the water complement each other and are a familiar color scheme that we all know and love. As I looked at the other attendees' work, I was fascinated by everyone's different interpretations of the same scene. They were all unique!

MJ‘s artistic journey began on a whim, purchasing paints and canvas, and discovering an unknown talent. Her paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, most recently in Alabama at the Dauphin Island Art Gallery. She is a member of the Mobile Art Society and painted a utility box on Saint Louis Street, as part of a beautification project in Downtown Mobile. She is an exceptional teacher and was encouraging to her guests, making sure each one created artwork of which they could be proud.

“Pasta and Paint” is a really fun concept and would be great for any kind of gathering: Graduation party, Girl's Night Out, Family Reunion, Book Clubs, and more. The price is $50 per person, including the pasta dinner and art supplies. The best part is that they will come to you!  Contact MJ Ferraro at mjf1162@gmail.com or (401) 480-0394 and book your party right away!

Mar 8, 2023
Artsy Side Of Life

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