Scenic 98 Coastal was officially launched on April 14, 2022, when our first newsletter was emailed to 142 subscribers made up of family and friends. Over the last two years, we have enjoyed telling stories and sharing experiences with our readers, now over 5,000 strong. Telling stories is what we are all about! With everything going on in the world right now, we hope to be a positive voice that celebrates this community and all it has to offer.

Whether it is through promoting local businesses and the people who run them; highlighting the creative side of things with art, music, and festivals; or raising awareness for organizations working behind the scenes to protect and improve these vital parts of our community, we want them to succeed at what they are doing by sharing their stories. We hope our readers discover something new, exciting, or unexpected each week.

Linda and I grew up on the water and enjoy being in and on the water whenever we can. We love a good road trip discovering new places, new experiences, and interesting people with big ideas - It is amazing where a story might lead. Discovery is the most fun aspect of what we do. 

You’ve probably noticed that we do love food! Whether it’s a white tablecloth experience or a local dive, they are all equal in our minds.  Part of the fun has been figuring out who we are and where we are going in the future.

The past two years have given us many good times and memories. It’s great to meet someone for the first time and discover that they are a subscriber; all of your support has encouraged us! Fortunately, we have made many new friends and are certainly never bored! Who knew coming out of the pandemic that we could find something to keep us busy (very busy) and entertained? We feel like Br’er Rabbit thrown into the briar patch. 

There are a lot of people to thank for their support along this two-year journey, starting with our subscribers who help maintain a high “open rate” by reading and sharing with friends. Please keep it up!  If the newsletter helps you enjoy your time here and discover something new then we’ve succeeded.

Thank you to our contributing writers for sharing their talents with our readers. Frances McGowin, Theresa Lacey, Eleanor Ford, and many others have shown up at just the right time, offering a range of voices and perspectives. Of course, John Nielsen and Tallulah Marie Sheepshead are always a treat to read. Please check out the Contributors Page to see all of our contributors and their articles or, better yet, contact us if you would like to become a contributor. Maybe there is a story you’d like to tell!

There are a few dedicated people who have helped us tremendously. Let’s start with Justin Parrish and Antoinette Savoie in Pensacola who handle graphic design, website hosting, and social media for us. They are good at what they do, and way above our pay grade. Thank you! Gina Lanaux has been a godsend. Offering her writing and editorial skills refined us and added sophistication to what we present to you each week.

When we began, we didn’t know what to expect. Hunter Cain with experience launching online businesses, was visiting from New York when this was just an idea. He encouraged us with a warning. “I think this is a great idea, but be prepared to work your butt off.” Boy, was he right! Carl Hunt has always been available to discuss how we can keep this enterprise on track. 

We’ve benefitted from sage advice from Rich Sullivan, Tom Patterson, and many others, but special thanks go to David Gibson, founder of Judge Roy Bean Spirits. He has graciously offered his expertise as a business coach as we navigate how to build a base of subscribers who make this all worthwhile.

As we gained a little wind in our sails, we were fortunate to have a few sponsors come forth to help keep us going. No more so than Whiting Bradford Wealth Management Group, this week’s title sponsor. They have been friends and allies throughout this entire endeavor. As the response to the newsletter grew, so did the people who supported us. We can’t thank you enough!

With two years under our belt, it is a cause to stop for a moment to celebrate. We view this as a community effort. Whether you were born and raised here or recently arrived, you recognize what a special place Scenic 98 Coastal is to live, work, and play. Please keep reading and tell your friends about us. 

Stay in touch with your comments and suggestions. Let’s build this together. Especially though, let’s look after each other, and make this the place to be curious. There is so much to offer!

Thank you so much! We are truly glad you are here. Enjoy!

Linda, Matthew, and Zeb 

Apr 17, 2024
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