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Epicurean Delights

Ben's Jr. Original Barbecue: Story of a Comeback King in Fairhope

Throughout the Scenic 98 Coastal communities, graduating high school seniors celebrate the end of their primary education and make plans for the future. It is an exciting time for all involved, but a bit of trepidation and separation anxiety is thrown in, too. Our next-door neighbor, Jake Prati, a recent St. Paul’s Episcopal School graduate, is off to Auburn in the Fall. 
Epicurean Delights

Rise Breakfast and Tacos, Spanish Fort

When we entered Rise Breakfast and Tacos on Highway 31 in Spanish Fort, we were greeted by Krystal, the owner’s sister, who brought out her magic bag of wonders and told us to pick out a treat. I couldn't imagine what it would be … it was a sticker, and then she instructed us to put it on the wall. The whole place is covered in stickers and I got a cat that was apropos because I'm a cat lover. Krystal says it's magic because everyone picks something meaningful to them. Zeb got a sexy devil superhero girl. Hmmmm.
Community Endeavors

Baldwin County Youth Orchestra Sees Measure of Success with New Location

With their new and permanent location at 809 Nichols Avenue, the Baldwin County Youth Orchestra (BCYO) is tuning up for its spring concert. Planned for May 7th, this concert with its theme of “Classical Favorites” will be held at 7:00 pm at Foley Civic Center. 
Water Side of Scenic 98

Shedding Some Light on Mobile Bay: The Story of the Middle Bay Lighthouse

For generations of anglers, sailors, and shippers, the image of Middle Bay Light, as the locals call it, means you are about halfway across the Bay of Mobile. Built “up north,” the prefabricated house arrived in Mobile in 1885. Mobile Bay itself is quite shallow, and before the arrival of the lighthouse, the channel was marked with wooden stakes and barrels. n In the early 1880s, a 17-foot channel was dredged so large vessels could reach the Port of Mobile, and a lighthouse was deemed necessary to mark the channel.
Artsy Side Of Life

A Storybook of a Life

Fairhope residents Dean and Pagan Mosher seem to lead a life that’s only found in storybooks. Maybe that’s because they live in a house that looks as though it came out of a storybook. Enter the world of these two, and you will find yourself feeling as though you are in a kind of fantasy life.
Dive Bars & Music

Pirates Cove: A Multigenerational, Multidog Getaway With A Heart

The mere mention of the name “Pirates Cove” brings a slew of memories to mind for most people living in LA (Lower Alabama). Like this writer, multiple generations of families have been coming to this oftentimes rowdy eatery and entertainment venue, and they come for not just the food, but the laid-back atmosphere, the pageantry, and the stories they’re sure to hear and share.
Community Endeavors

The "Poet of Tolstoy Park"

As an author of 23+ books and contributor to 17 anthologies, I have garnered enjoyment from learning about all kinds of places and people and sharing stories about them with the reading public.
Community Endeavors

Dr. Barry Lee Booth: A Veteran's Veteran

Before you ask retired dentist Dr. Barry Lee Booth a question about veterans, maybe you should know that he himself is a veteran. Dr. Booth is fond of saying, “Every day is Veterans’ Day,” and he is passionately dedicated to promoting and celebrating veterans from all branches of service. To list Booth’s accomplishments regarding what he has done for veterans, all one needs to do is look around the state of Alabama. Beginning with his tour in Vietnam (1966-67) in the Navy attached to the 1st and 3rd Divisions of the Marine Corps, much of his life has been dedicated to promoting veterans’ sacrifices in service to our nation.